TULLYS CHARACTERS communicate basic HUMAN VALUES through funny stories

and colorful pictures in this series of six illustrated Childrens Books. 
Princess B is learning to control her temper through understanding that being positive to unexpected circumstances in life is much better than complaining and getting angry.
Messy Mo understands through a very bad tummy ache,  that when he cheats or tells a lie, he is the first one to loose.
Nina Noodles is frustrated over her ruined strawberry cake, but learns one of the most important lessons in life: Good Things take time!
Pete the Poet shares his feeling of uniqueness with Tony a skinny boy with a low self esteem, helping him see life through different eyes.
Brainy Shu comes across dinosaurs, monsters, aliens... but realizes they are all in her head! She discovers the power of her thoughts and how she can little by little train her mind to think positive and transforms her reality!
Silent Silus understands that "LUCK" is not something outside of him,  but a result of his daily practice, perseverance and determination to achieve his dreams.
TULLYS BOOKS communicate valuable "Tools for life" through this simple fun stories. Universal Values like: PATIENCE, HONESTY, PERSERVERANCE, SELF ESTEEM, POSITIVE THINKING and SELF CONTROL.
Important things that all of us parents would like our children to understand and practice, because we know this will help them develop happier and successful lives!
Born in Mexico City, with Lebanese and European ancestors, and living in USA; Bibiana considers herself a Citizen of the World. 
Her studies include architecture, art history, fine arts, and courses in psychology, yoga, natural nutrition and human development. 
She has worked manly in media, but BEING and artist is her true passion! 
She started drawing art walls ☺ at 2, since then she hasn’t stopped. 
In 2007 she came up with TULLYS, and is fully committed to its development and creation to communicate Simple and Positive Wisdom and open the way to a healthier children entertainment industry. 
She loves drawing, reading, walking near the ocean, listening to soft music, and spending time with her son Pierre and her love Hector. She is in love with life!