We all know about the importance of keeping our body hydrated, we have heard it a hundred times: "We should be drinking more than 7 glasses a day""Water is good for us".. etc etc... yes we know. But there is a huge difference between knowing it is good or realizing it's absolutely necessary!  

It turns out dehydration is much more common and serious than we think. A dry mouth or the feeling of needing a glass of water is already a state of dehydration. According to many reaserches most illnesses and diseases are caused by the simpler of causes: Your body is thirsty!

The most common aggravations caused by not drinking enough water are: gastritis, low back pain, headaches or migraines, colitis, arthritis, obesity, diabetes and nausea (during pregnancy). Asthma and many respiratory issues in children start by lack of hydration too.

When we feel sick we usually run to the nearest drugstore and by some over the counter medicine to stop the pain or discomfort. We are used to thinking pills cure everything. The reality is they don't! Pills have side effects and getting used to taking them at the first sign of any discomfort is only sickening our body (longterm) in more ways that we realize. 

What if the prevention and cure to diseases is right in front of you and is something as free and simple as: a glass of W A T E R.

Many doctors recommend drinking water as a basic routine, but there is one (or at least the one I know) that has done much more research on the subject and came up with a "simple water formula" that works to restore overall health!


This "amazingly simple=wonderful results" formula is the one I will share with you today so take note or memorize it because it has been proved to really work wonders!!!

Ready?! Here it is:

-A glass of warm water upon waking.
-A glass of water 30 min before eating.
-Two glasses of water 2hrs and a half after eating.
-Half a glass of water before bed.

It is important to mention that  flavored water, fruit juices, tea, coffee, milk and soft drinks do not qualify as water. (You can read more on this subject on the book "You are not sick you are thirsty"  by doctor F. Batmanghelidj) 

There are hundreds of studies and facts that validate this information, I think it would unwise of us not to implement something as simple and beneficial as this!  

Give it a try next time you have a headache. Instead of running to the pharmacy, drink a few glasses of water and see how you feel. Do this consistently and you'll have your health in your hands... or in your glass ;)

The human body is 75% water. All our cells, organs, bones, tissues need water to function optimally.


It's important to remember drinking fresh water is an habit and it is the responsibility of us parents to promote it in our children! If you haven't started giving them your children at least half a glass of fresh water in the mornings and one full glass in the afternoon, now is the time to start.

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