EVERY ONE absolutely every single person living on this planet has had difficult times. Whether we like it or not, it's just part of our human experience.  
Regardless of our race, socioeconomic status, culture, ideology ...we all go through stages of our lives that we call "problems".  As much as we would like to dream of a "perfect stage" that we will sometime reach once we achieve all our dreams and goals. Well... as far as I know, this perfect stage it is not very likely to be experienced in this planet. Even if we become superbly rich, beautiful, successful, kind, healthy, strong, giving,loving etc etc... we will still have difficult times to go through.

And this is a great thing! you know why? because our so called problems or negative issues and difficult times, are actually amazing OPPORTUNITIES.

Challenging times are great opportunities that are built in as part of our human experience to help us grow and "wake up". To get us out of our comfort zone, help us  grow, confront ourselves, connect with others, learn forgiveness, humility, compassion and become overall better and much more happy and alive!

In reality each and every single difficult moment is getting you closer to a better and more peaceful experience of life. These moments are "blessings in disguise".
No one can save us from them, but we always have the great power of CHOICE. (which basically defines our lives). We can decide to accept difficulties, learn from them, grow and transform ourselves; or just complain and complain and keep lamenting on how bad our life is.


Today I like to share with you a very simple way to change the perspective of your problems, it has worked for me and I hope it does for you. It is simply changing the question WHY? for WHAT?

When confronting a difficult and painful situation, don't assume a position of victim by complaining and telling everyone how terrible your life is. Instead of asking: WHY? WHY me? WHY is it all wrong? WHY are other people successful? WHY do their relationships work? WHY do I get sick? WHY if I'm such a good person? WHY I am living this pain? WHY always me? etc etc...
Leave the "victim zone" (that will bring you nothing good) and take charge of your life in a more mature and pro-active way by asking: WHAT for?
WHAT is this happening to me for?  WHAT is required of me to resolve this situation? WHAT attitudes have generated similar situations in the past? WHAT habits have led me here and how can I change them? WHAT decisions have I made in the past that could get me into this? WHAT is life trying to teach me?
Remember that life is not against you, but YOU are creating with it. 
Your destiny is in your hands and in the decisions you make every day.  

The pain ends when learning is resolved (and this includes physical illness). When you take responsibility and decide to learn what is there for you, when you transform yourself by going through the pain and discomfort,  when you stop complaining and enter the process without fear ... suddenly the "problem" disappears! Then the sun comes out again and is now much more brighter!


The problems are not in your life by chance or to annoy you. They are there to transform you and help you grow and develop new parts of you that you haven't discovered yet.

Take difficult times as what they really are! Opportunities for growth. Shift the focus from the why? to the what?

Stop talking about how sad and miserable you are. Choose to take advantage of what is there! It is one of the greatest opportunities life gives you! Don't walk away form them (watching TV, overloading yourself with work, drinking, partying, victimizing yourself, taking pills etc...) Ask yourself WHAT is needed for you to overcome that situation. Be proactive! If you need to cry, then cry and cry until you run out of tears, if you need to rest, study, travel, have therapy, change your diet, scream, rethink your values, reconnect with people, meditate, pray, forgive yourself, forgive others... there is always something!

In every difficult time, there is a great learning, and when you decide to get into it, pain dissolves and leaves the most amazing happiness and satisfaction. It brings out a better you and a better life! Take my word on this :)
Thank you for your time and comments!

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