Last week we celebrated the remembrance of those family members and friends that have past away. Our hearts and minds got filled with memories, and we felt love for them and the good times we shared.

I gathered to dinner with my family and while talking and sharing memories of others, I realized that ALL of us living in this planet are absolutely unique and our lives (even if they seem common and ordinary) are incredibly valuable.

As my son was looking at my father's pictures (who died many years ago) he asked me: Mom was my grandpa funny and strong?

This question made me realize my son had never and would never meet my father! He basically will grow up not knowing who his grandpa was or anything about his family before me. This shocked me a bit!  I had such an amazing dad who taught me so many things, I somehow couldn't bear the thought of my son not getting grasp of the great person his grandfather was!

This simple experience opened my eyes, and led me to the belief that EVERYONE should write their biography. Not to publish it or aim it to be a best seller. Just to sharing our life, thoughts, troubles, opportunities, doubts, success etc..  with those who will come after! 


My father died when I was still in my teens. For many years and still now I wonder how he lived when he was young, his dreams, vision of life, difficulties and hopes. Also my my grandfather, whom I sadly never met and I've heard he was a very special man. He came from a very poor town in Lebanon, he went to Mexico looking to make a life, ended up building a very successful company and then went back to his home town to look for the most beautiful princess (and I mean literally a princess from the royal family) and somehow convinced her to marry him and took her back.  Imagine if he would have written his story, and she! Their feelings, experiences, what they learned, their faith, believes etc... So filled with reality and wisdom. I'm sure all of us grandsons would have loved to be able to read it. 

We all have something to tell, even if we are not famous or build successful companies. Our thoughts, and experiences of life are VERY worthy for those around us, specially in the years when we will not longer be around.

I have decided to start mine, little by little. Aiming to hopefully one day enrich the life  of my son and grandsons and whomever might be interested :)


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  • Vero

    Thank you!!! I felt very inspired by your blog!

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