It is very common for women to choose diet sodas as our favorite drink, of course! It is understandable, we all want to be beautiful and stay fit, but if this is what we want, choosing diet sodas is our worst option.

It's more than proven that diet soft drinks (using artificial sugar substitutes) fatten much more than regular soda and generate addiction, affecting health at the cellular level, among other things.
Artificial sweeteners or "fake sugar" trick the body into making you think you're consuming something sweet. The body does not metabolize these sweeteners, causing to accumulate in fat.

But this is another topic, today I want to focus on the harm caused to children. Surprisingly many of the foods they consume daily have this poison.

Moms Please open your eyes!


If you as an adult and responsible person, decide to take your diet coke regardless of the amount of information available of the damage that causes; simply because you enjoy it, well... it is a personal and very valid decision.

"I love it and I will my Diet Coke" my friends tell me. Perfect, I respect. We are grown ups and we can choose what we want.

However, the fact that they give it to their children is very worrying. 
We must know what we are causing in the body of our little ones every time we let them have this sort of drinks and  the long-term consequences to their health and well being.

Because obviously, a little sip a day seems to do nothing, but the damage accumulates and they are forming a very unhealthy habit that will cause unwanted  future consequences.



Here are five reasons why you should not give diet sodas to  children:

1- BRAIN DAMAGE: Coca Cola Light- Zero and all other diet sodas, use sugar substitutes, which can eventually lead to brain damage, memory loss and mental confusion. Mainly due to aspartame. For several years it has been scientifically proven the relationship of these soft drinks with brain tumors, lymphomas and leukemia.

2- DIABETES AND CANCER: Ironically regular consumption of diet soda may increase to 60% the risk of developing diabetes, By damaging the cells, it causes premature aging can result in childhood cancer.

3- CAFFEINE: A can of coke has more caffeine than the body of a child can handle. Causing anxiety, headaches and sleeplessness.

4- KIDNEY PROBLEMS AND OBESITY:  It is proven that the artificial ingredients in these drinks cause damage to the functioning of the kidneys. And when the habit starts at a young age it   damages the metabolism, causing weight problems and obesity later in life.

5- HYPERACTIVITY AND BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS: Hyperactivity and other behavioral problems that affect learning, memory, movement, language, emotions. Numerous studies have found that are directly related to the consumption of artificial colorings and food additives, such as those of light refreshments.

There are many alternatives to soda, the best of which is simple fresh water. But if you are already going to give a child a soda, just try the regular version, never the diet! 

Thank you!



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