When did we become a fast-fix, cheap, plastic society? When did all traditions start involving so much consuming? And what does Easter has to do with thousands of plastic eggs?!?!

Honestly I don’t get it. Last week I received the usual email from my son’s schools classroom: “Moms please bring 20 Easter eggs by next week”. I am not especially good at math but let’s imagine, if my son brings 20 and there are about a 600 students, that makes 12,ooo plastic eggs. This is just one small school, now let’s add the others, the Village Park Easter hunt, the private celebrations, etc… I would say in Key Biscayne alone we buy more than a hundred thousand plastic eggs just to throw them one minute after the kids gather and open them.

I understand looking for hidden surprises IS fun! But the tiny detail is this “surprise” stay in our environment polluting our oceans forever! Yes you red correctly F O R E V E R. And please read again: Forever!!!!



 Am I the only one? Or does this make no sense at all? Being raised in a catholic family I know Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. What does this have to do with buying cheap plastic eggs?

I am trying to understand who creates this trends and most important why are we following them?! Will we really continue doing so until the morning we jump in our ocean and instead of fish and fresh salty water we find plastic trash and a dirty looking funny smelling liquid?

 I remember when I was my son’s age growing up in Mexico we would save the eggs that we had for breakfast that month and then wash and decorate them. On Easter we would take this to school filled with colored paper and hide them.

This worked! And it was actually very fun! Oh yes… But it involved a little bit more work. And today we just want the “fast-cheap-fix”, right?

I believe we can do better, I believe we can use our creativity and intelligence to find new paths that benefit all and take care of our most precious resources. If what we are looking for is to celebrate life why are we killing it?


THANK YOU for your time and comments BIBIANA DOMIT B@TULLYS.TV


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