Here it is! 2017. A new year, a possibility for renewal and a fresh start. A opportunity to do it better. 

But... what is "to do it better"?

I guess there are many meanings to this. We all have unique definitions of what "doing good in life" is; mostly depending on our upbringing, our culture, our particular Values and goals in life.

Personally my definition of "success" has changed over the years. Instead of focusing on having things or recognition, it has been gravitating towards inner growth. Instead of making myself adjust to please society and other people, I have preferred to respect my self and live my truth.

At the end of every year I always take time to reflect and give thanks for everything  I lived and learned. For what I am grateful for, the amazing experiences that I had, the terrible ones that made me grow, and what I am ready to leave behind.


I usually write a paper with my goals for the New Year. To my amazement this year's list looks totally different from the years before! 

My typical lists used to be filed with numbers and goals and days of the week that I was committed to do specific actions and achieve certain goals. Things like: exercising everyday, doing yoga 3 t/week, writing a new book, meditating 3 t/week, growing my TULLYS brand, making more money, eating more healthy etc..etc...

And I really think all of this is great! The list's filled with "to do's" have been an amazing tool for growth in my life, they helped me gain clarity and act towards achieving my goals.


Today I realize there is something much more important than doing.

It's called: BEING.

This year, my perspective has totally shifted. I don't really know why or how it happened. Maybe because I experienced troubled times this past year and this suffering somehow "woke-me up", maybe because I have been meditating and praying more often or maybe because I have seen how any person (regardless of their inner condition) can become extremely rich, famous, and successful. They can even become president of the most powerful country in the world with nothing else than a great marketing strategy.

This year I realized that being "successful" to the world has become a very cheap aim, because it involves non of the things that really matter. At least to me.

You can be the richest man in the world, the most recognized woman in history, a famous rockstar, a beautiful supermodel or the most praised doctor. But if you made your way up by sacrificing your integrity, your inner peace and your health it's definitely not worth it.

My motto for this year is: "Starve your Ego, Feed your Soul!". 


For the first time in my life my list looks totally different, and it starts with a big title that reads: BE!

It looks something like this:

This 2017 is an amazing year for me and for all. Each and every day I will:

Be kinder with every person I meet.

Be patient with my mother and all other people.

Be trustful of the bigger picture in my life, even if I don't see it clearly.

Be thankful of all the little things I usually take for granted.

Be open to listening to others without judging.

Be respectful of all people even if I don't agree with them.

Be forgiving of all people and situations that have hurt me in the past.

Be more joyful, laugh more, take life lighter.

Everything that is not light, love and peace with in my "personality" is doomed to be vanished this 2017!  And this for me is true success! 

Thank You for your time and coments!
Creator and Founder




  • Mari Uster

    Me encanto, gracias por compartirlo!!!

  • Lorena MIer

    Buenísimo! Me identifico con todo. Queremos que pasen tantas cosas en nuestras vidas que lo único qué pasa es la vida y nos olvidamos de lo que tenemos y de lo que somos por lo que queremos; apreciamos y atesoramos las cosas cuando son una memoria no cuando lo estamos viviendo. Mi cuñada siempre dice qué hay que vivir no hay que durar.
    Gracias Bibi por tu blog lo disfruto mucho y valoro mucho lo que haz hecho y logrado. Te admiro mucho

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