Beautiful, delicious, strong, whimsical, full of life and eternally blue ... the sea, a favorite of many, also has hundreds of health benefits.

A dip into the sea, gives you much more than a refreshing time, you can literally cure of symptoms of depression, anxiety, respiratory tract infections, among others.

It is said that sea water is water of life, for its ability to generate and reinforce life and kill germs.

You know that seawater contains the 118 elements of the periodic table. Its constitution is strikingly similar to that of human plasma.

In truth I do not know person in the world who do not feel better after a swim in the sea. And it is true, the sea is our best ally, for beauty, wellness and health!



 Here are some of its amazing benefits:

- Contact with seawater, which is full of minerals, vitamins and has a high sodium content in your body generates an instant energy boost.

- Excellent anti-inflammatory and antibiotic for skin wounds.

- Swimming in the sea strengthens your muscles.

- Its antibiotic properties, make it one of the best cures all kinds of infections.

- Cleans the respiratory tract.

- Relax your body, muscles and organs.

- Clean your aura (energy field) renewing all your energy and mood.

- Active circulation.

- It is an excellent moisturizer.

- Balances the central nervous system.

- Reduce insomnia.

- Help greatly reduce stress, depression and nervousness or anxiety states.


There are theories that even recommend the intake of seawater, as a health tonic for cell recovery and regeneration!

Imagine, starting your day with a glass of seawater!

It was precisely a French scientist named Rene Quinton (1866-1925), who created this theory, realizing the similarity between the composition of human blood and seawater.

He invented a therapy called "Quinton Plasma" which consisted of seawater capsules taken or injected. With almost "miraculous" results it cured diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis, premature infants, anorexia, skin problems, malnutrition, constipation, infections, asthma, respiratory tract infections.

Today, the practice is known by very few, who understand the wonder it represents for humanity, but also the very great threat to the pharmaceutical industry.

Imagine! Finding a cure for all this dsieases, free and within the reach of everyone. 

Ocean water is amazing! It really works! Every time I see that my son starts with a symptom of flu, I take him for a swim in the sea and it really helps hims to fight the infection!

Definitely next time you're sitting on the beach hesitant to get you to the sea, just go for it! Now you know that gives you much more than you think.

Thank you!



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