In such a disconnected, or rather, so connected to TV, computers, ipad, ipods... etc, world.  It seems that there is little time or interest in other types of more real connection with the people around us, that are there! in front of us and are part of our life!
Giving love and affection, should be spontaneous, but sometimes, the rush of the day, makes us forget how valuable are these forms give affection and the enormous benefits that they bring at a physical and emotional level to the person giving it and receiving it.
 Hindu sages say that as we form disciplines to work, exercise, etc. We should create us the discipline to devote some minutes a day to be kind and give tokens of affection to those around us.



Maybe you've heard of "Amma, the hugging Saint". It is an Hindu woman, who after years of meditation and spiritual quest found her mission in life is to give hugs!

People all over the world travel to India in search of a hug from Amma. She also travels the world giving hugs.

Her "work" sometimes lasts more than 8 hours a day, those who have seen her say that despite her age, her energy is impressive, bright and radiant (hence the connotation of Saint). And she says this is due to the great energy she receives by giving so many hugs.

¿When was the last time you gave a real hug,  with the heart? Perhaps today, but maybe you don't even remember!

Those of us who who are parents, have the marvelous opportunity to receive and give several hugs every day :)

But sometimes we forget this, we think we need to be tough, giving orders, instructing, guiding and punishing them. We forget hat we are also there to be their first source of unconditional love. One of the best ways to express our love is with a delicious hug!

When our children start to grow, we find it difficult to create these important moments of giving affection, thinking that they no longer need, or will feel uncomfortable. But in truth  the benefits of a hug are ageless. 

It is said that a "perfect embrace" must be deep, at least 10 seconds and joining the left side of both bodies (heart to heart).


There are studies that claim that a good hug strengthens the immune system of children much more than any pill! Feeling loved and appreciated is one of the best ways there is to help them form a healthy self-esteem!

Contact is a natural part of being human. A child not only benefits from hugs, but really need them!

Hugs make them feel loved, protected, cherished, safe, accepted.

There are studies that say that hugs increase the IQ and linguistcas skills of children.

In something as simple and enjoyable as a hug are implied many important factors for growth in self-esteem and security, which will be reflected the rest of  their lives.

Today, tomorrow and every day of the week , just as you never forget to brush your teeth,  recall also to give hugs to everyone at home. You'll see how your life and your family transformed positively!

Thank You!


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