We have all seen them: kids hypnotically staring at glowing screens are all over the place. Restaurants, playgrounds, friend's parties, playdates, school. But at what cost? Is this just a harmless indulgence or are this devices actually affecting the brains of an entire generation. 

Ipads have been in our lives since 2010, which means our children have been market tests for 6 years. 

We invited this tablets into our homes as cool gadgets for our children to play with, but  soon the gadgets began taking over our entire children's lives!  

Today most parents use the ipads as the ultimate "problem solver". Well yes, it is the easiest way of keeping their children quiet, entertained, out of the way, distracted, eating without fussing, etc. For everything and every situation the ipad is there to take children away from experiencing reality.

We are literally numbing our children's brains and keeping them away of the possibility  to connect with the real world! The air, trees, the sea, earth, animals, other human beings, their inner selves, their imagination!  

"Recent brain-imaging studies show that excessive screen exposure can neurologically damage a young person's developing brain in the same way cocaine can." _ Nicholas Kardaras Ph.D 


Children's brains are simply not designed for the hyper stimulation they are getting through this devices. The daily (it doesn't even need to be excessive) use of this tablets, destroys healthy brain functioning, imagination, connection with the real world. Multiple research show the correlation between Ipad users and disorders like ADHD, addiction, anxiety, depression, increased aggression and even psychosis. 

Why are we parents choosing to let our kid's use them?!
The ipad causes much more damage than good. It is now scientifically proved that children that use this glow screens and devices, develop serious behavior and health conditions over time.

Do we really want this for our children? Are we really that careless or incapable of creating better solutions?  

I walk around parks, beaches, gardens, restaurants, even children parties! Everywhere I look the kids are looking down to a screen. Not into each other's eyes, not at the world around them, but down to a screen.

Why? Basically because WE parents are choosing to allow this! And with this choice we are taking our children's lives and the opportunity to connect and experience the real world.


A recent experiment shows a typical family having dinner. Children get to the table with their ipads. Their parents are replaced by two strangers that sit with them and have dinner in the same table. The entire dinner takes place and kids don't even notice they are surrounded by strangers until the wifi is switched off and they are forced to look up. Can you believe this? They are so entranced in the screen they don't even realize what is happening around them! 

Wether we like to hear this or not, wether we care enough to choose better, we have to know the Truth:  Ipad's have the same effects in our children's brains as drugs. They are numbing their imagination, distressing their nervous system and altering their behavior. They are damaging their cells and alienating them from living life!

Just as a quick note. Many reporters say Steve Jobs didn't allow his children to use tech devices. At his home dinner time was about looking into each others eyes and sharing conversation. The same as the top directives of this tech companies, if you happen to know one, you will know: They send their kids to "no-tech schools" and ipads are absolutely banned from their children's lives.  Why? Because they know the damage it causes.

And why aren't they telling us about is... Because they want to sell more.


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