We live in an intense, moody, active, fast world. We have created societies living of achievement, personal success, competition, innovation.
Our habits,customs, fashions, are always changing. Both in our life, and in our children's.
And all this is fine, since  change is part of life itself. But there are things that remain unchanged, Values ​​that remain and will remain, truths that are universal and eternal.
Kindness is one of them. And it is the subject of this Blog.
GOODNESS is defined as:
1 Quality good.
2 Natural inclination towards good.
3 Kindness, gentleness of character.
4 Courtesy.
It is a timeless and universal Human Value, which means it retains it's validity regardless of the time or place in the world.
Today in our busy schedules  the value of being kind seems to be as last on our list, if not completely disappeared.
As parents we are very concerned, or rather busy, that our children are educated people, successful, with opportunities, sportsmen, achievers. The classes have in tennis, swimming, soccer, ballet, courses of English, math, anyway ...
We put much attention on preparing for what we believe is important and this is because we associate success with happiness. But the truth is that a successf


Goodness, like all the other qualities, can be part of a person in a lesser or greater degree since birth. Say there are some people who are more likely to be kind, due to a genetic inheritance. But in all cases (even if we have a pre-dsiposición) goodness is a quality that must be instilled by parents and the social environment in which we grow. And to grow must be worked frequently, like any muscle.
I'm not Mother Teresa, on the contrary, I am far from being the person I would like ... but I'm slowly and steady moving towards that.  
I recently read a book that had an interesting recommendation. The author said that when he sat to dinner with his family, he made the custom of everyone talking of what they most liked in their day and the act of kindness they performed.


I thought this was great! Since then I have tried to do this at dinner with my family, or  before bedtime. I ask my son Pierre:
What did you like most about your day? And what was your act of kindness? (Sounds a little corny ... I know) You can adjust the question to a more natural way: You did something good for someone today? Did you help someone at school? What did you do today that helped improve your world?

These two very simple questions can (long term) can cause an extraordinarily positive change. The first response, pre-sets your mind to a positive mood and makes the area of ​​your brain that focuses on the positive grow and strengthen. The second answer, helps us create awareness of how important it is to do acs of kindness and how they make you feel great!

The answers do not have to be too complicated, it could be: collect rubbish from the street, share  candy at recess, smile to a friend, talk to grandmother ... are all acts of kindness.

I confess that at the beginning of this, we realized that rarely we did something good and selfless for others in our day! and this is not because we are bad, simply because we do not give it the importance it actually has!

I am of the opinion that it is great to raise well prepared children, with many opportunities that give them: diplomas, trophies, awards ... but never forgetting the part of developing their inner Self, which is at the end the only thing that matters.

Thank you!


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