If I could start a religion, I would call it GRATITUDE! 

Do you want more from your life? More happiness? Friends? Great health? Deep loving relationships? Prosperity? Beautiful places and experiences? Live the life you dreams? 

What if I told you that there is one practice that can help you live better in all areas of your life and little by little achieve all your dreams. Would you believe me? Well, there is! And it is called: GRATITUDE 

"What?" You might be thinking... "Are you suggesting that just by saying ThankYou my life will get better?"  

Yes, that is exactly what I'm saying.

BEING GRATEFUL is such a simple yet powerful practice, it can literally transform your entire reality! 

The other great thing about this practice is that after a while it becomes a habit. So you will be literally uplifting your entire life with no real effort from your part!  (Scientific research has found that we need 66 days of practice of a specific action to form an habit).

If being grateful is not something you are practicing daily, now is a great time to start!

I will give you a super simple formula that will start the gratitude engines rolling and then you'll be so a costumed to finding positive things to be grateful for, that it will become natural to you.

Here it is, take note: At night when you are in your bed before falling asleep, think about 3 things that you are grateful for that day. It can be more, but to start make it  3, just be sure you do it every night. You'll say thanks in your mind (you don't need to speak out loud) and direct yourself to "Life", feeling grateful as you name them.

Ex: THANK YOU Life for this beautiful island that I call my home. THANK YOU life for the big hug my son gave me this morning. THANK YOU life for my hot (ups! cold) delicious shower in the morning.

That's it! it doesn't need to a big important event, just everyday life situations. As simple as being thankful for "the extra avocado in your lunch salad". At the beginning you might have to kind of "force"yourself to notice them but just make sure you manage to get 3 everyday.


You can have my word on this. Being grateful will literally transform your life!

And just to get you more enthusiastic on starting to be grateful today, here a couple of more things you can get out of this practice:  BEING GRATEFUL makes you happier, strengthens your relationships, makes you be more trustable, more social, improve your marriage and overall relationships, makes you healthier, more alive, more joyful, more beautiful/handsome, boost your career, reduces all negativity (making envy, jealousy, anger diminish and eventually disappear), makes you less materialistic, reduces stress, makes you more optimistic, improves your self esteem, more spiritual, less self-centered, better sleep, increased networking, more beauty, more light, and more and more GOOD!


Thank You for your time and comments!
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