It is of common belief that because children and babies are small, they are less intelligent. The reality is a baby's brain has impressive abilities, often much larger and more effective than those of an adult. They have about 1,000 trillion synapses (connections between brain cells) twice the average adult. 

I personally don't understaand people who speak to their babies as if they were fools, slowly and with abbreviations like: "Look a wouf wouf" ,"There's a mooo mooo there", "Oh! you got an ouch."

Babies are capable of much more than we believe! Usually it is us parents who (unconsciously) limit their knowledge and skills. We try to fit them into fixed stereotypes based on what "masses" believe is normal.

It's important to remember the capabilities of a human being has nothing to do with social status, creed, race, or even with their genetics! While it is true that some children are born with extraordinary abilities for genetic inheritance, if this "superior intelligence" is not recognized by the parents, who might probably choose to standardize it, it will eventually be gone.



Intelligence, despite what many believe, is not nourished by the knowledge of data, but by the stimulation of CREATIVITY.  So don't worry about cramming your little one with scientific data, or having him learn the constitution and chemical theories. If you really want to see your children expand their capabilities, focus on stimulating their imagination. Great ways to do this are: contact with nature, music, stories, art and the affection of parents.

Involving toddlers on daily chores and natural activities such as discovering the colors, shapes and textures of flowers, feeling the water, walking barefooted on the sand; nourishes their body and mind much more than those "early-stimulation classes" and miracle promising videos. 
If you are parent of a newborn, I invite you to look at him with fresh new eyes! Although he might seem tiny, his brain is amazingly skilled.  Take the time to talk to him, involve him in daily activities and experiences. Please don't just carry him as if he was a potato sack from side to side!! Putting on the diaper, taking it off, cleaning him, sitting him in the car, then the tub, etc...  We forget we are dealing with a real human being, a tiny one, but equipped with amazing capabilities to understand what is going around him. Talk, talk, explain everything that is happening.

I believe we have a great responsibility as mothers to care and promote the intelligence of our children in these early years.

I invite you to see babies as what they are!  Mini versions of the most highly evolved beings living on this planet, with limitless abilities and possibilities.

Look with fresh eyes, not through your preconceived ideas of what "a baby is". You'll be surprised! 

Thank you for your time and comments!


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