Every time I hear one more story on a  child being medicated for the alleged ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) and ending (after a couple of years of drug use) with serious mental problems or substance abuse, my stomach hurts and I get tears in my eyes. 

Women ... I do not want to seem exaggerated, but in reality is US who basically define the future of our children! With our daily choices, however small they may seem.

You've probably heard of this behavioral disorder known as ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which is mainly characterized by a moderate to severe distraction, periods of brief attention, restlessness, emotional instability and impulsive behaviors.

Today it is estimated that affects between 5% and 10% of the child population. In the United States the number has increased considerably and is said to affect more than 40% of American children. 'Which means that nearly half of children aged 5-17 living in the States are medicated daily for this cause !!


It scientific cause is not known exactly, it is not even considered a disease. But what it does represent is a huge business for the pharmaceutical industry which is the most interested in promoting it to sell more pills.

"The pharmaceutical industry is the most corrupt and powerful in the world and kills more people than all the wars we have active in the world, but in the long term. They are more interested in making people sick than cure". says Dr. John Virapen who worked more than 35 years in the industry and was involved in the launch of several drugs with massive side effects.

His most recent book "Side Effects: Death" is a best seller in Europe.


Standard treatments for ADHD are paradoxically made from stimulants, that seem to  "positively" improve the behavior, though not curing the symptoms nor the disorder as a whole.

Currently, the most widely used substances in the United States are methylphenidate (the active ingredient behind the trade name Ritalin) and d, l-amphetamine (Adderall), followed by dexamphetamine (Dexedrine) and methamphetamine.

These amphetamine drugs, cause the same side effects as cocaine and amphetamine (both at the behavioral and at the neurological level) and end up causing a serious deterioration in health.

In addition, the clear side effects produced by any drugs that have amphetamines, remember that children's brain is not fully developed. In fact, there are areas that continue to grow up to 30 years.

The medicines affect their brain directly, which is a terrible thing! Much more delicate than it seems.


Ironic that our world so "evolved" has become one of the most difficult for children to grow up healthy places.

Ironic also that the father of ADHD, Dr. Leon Eisenberg who was the one who discovered it, accepted before he died that ADHD was a clear example of a fictitious disease.

Parents please! Let us remember that children are children! Naturally distracted, living in the present, not engaged in our hectic schedules and strict demands. They do not like the fixed rules, schedules, school. They want to impose their will, challenge us, cry, dance, laugh, play and all of this is completely normal 'They are CHILDREN !!!


In my view much of the problem comes from our decisions:

Yes, letting him use the IPAD every day of the week will have negative effect on him. Too much TV time or the violent video games, do impact their brain health in a negative waty. Never having contact with nature affects the neural structure as well as all processed foods and sweets that damage their cells. If instead of going out to play outside they remain inside, yes it generates anxiety. Being treated without respect and yelled at, result in violent attitudes.

We are parents, we need to be more aware and conscious of our choices! Of what we are making of our children.

Whether we see it or not, the cause and solution of this kind of behavior is in us and not in a pill.

It is in taking time to be with them, playing, listening to them, turning off the TV, reducing the Ipad time,, having them patience, changing their diet, drinking lots of fresh water, promoting contact with nature and reading ... Anyway, I think as parents have to explore ALL alternative roads, before putting a pill in the mouths of our children.


Thank you!

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